More Rubbish (part 2)

How many times have you picked up something and you didn’t know what it was or couldn’t find the directions on how to use it.  So why did you buy it in the first place?  Shopping is a form of therapy and coming home with something is a sense of accomplishment, empty handed is a sign of failure for many people.

Specials!  Everybody likes a bargain so they’ll buy something they don’t need because it gives them something to talk about the next time they are sitting with a friend at a coffee shop.  Fuel  docket savers; you want to save money, don’t spend money.  Spend $10,000 on junk and you earn a free flight then you have no idea where to go.

Junk is something you bought a few months ago and you wish you had never bought it. There are better ways to spend money.  To quote, John Will, ‘there are two things worth spending money on – good food and knowledge'.  I agree whole heartedly with this.  At least these things will not be something taking up what precious room left in the house and gathering dust, and you won’t be regretting it in 6 months time.

Good luck with Clean Australia Day.