Martial Arts – now in 3D!

Nobody can argue a movie in 3D is better than in 2D.  Traditional martial arts are usually based on training without a partner by executing techniques in the air.  Whilst this is a good way of developing discipline and perfecting the moves it is a bit like an artist without a brush, paint and canvas, usually left with the devices of good imagination. 

Kickboxing and Ground Fighting are martial arts in 3D.  Their training heavily relies on partner work instead of imagination.  It would be far too complex to imagine the moves like you would in a Karate kata or Kung Fu form.  Training with a partner takes into account the many variables whilst executing the techniques ie distancing, focus on the target and actual application for neuromuscular feedback to see what happens when you make actual contact or, in the case of BJJ, applying wrestling moves. 

Our traditional training is important which is the basis of building strong foundations, sharpening techniques and developing discipline (perfect when you don’t have a partner), but was is also important, is interaction with another human being.  Imagine performing all those street self defence techniques, in the air, without a partner!  None of it would make much sense. 

My philosophy is before getting into Kickboxing, they better have a good foundation in traditional Karate then they might be ready for the next dimension.