Martial Arts and Bootcamp Training

 This is interesting since we often fall victim to the clock. We, Australians, seem to have the attitude ‘it’s OK to be late’. If this is true then how come we get really annoyed when we have to wait? Lately, there have been quite a few people coming late to martial arts classes, with no guilt on their faces; You probably have noticed I call them 'the night shift’. What would happen if you turn up at work or school like that? I don’t think the boss would give you a pay rise and I don’t think the school teacher would give a student an early mark. As a teenager I would catch 2 buses and walk 2 kms to get to martial arts training and I had a half hour to spare before class. Times have moved on and we now have the luxury of a motor vehicle bringing you right to the doorstep.

We should be showing people, as martial artists, we are dependable; being on time is a good way to start. If you develop this into a habit you will miss out on the stress of being late. The excuse of ‘I have a little further to travel’ wears a bit thin. In my experience, the further I worked from home the earlier I got to work. The closer I worked to home the later I got to work. Don’t stress out if circumstances prevail; there will be times when you might be late for class!

Remember, your training is important to you. Don’t let people or matters get in the way. NOT ALL IMPORTANT MATTERS ARE URGENT AND NOT ALL URGENT MATTERS ARE IMPORTANT. Post a note on a wall to remind you of your training sessions. I am sure this will provide a bit more motivation to get to every class. Martial arts is like bootcamp so you need to acknowledge a big part of your training is based on discipline. Nowadays, people seem to be spend a substantial amount of money to get this bootcamp training.

See you in class, come early so I can at least say hello to you. It makes your Instructor feel good when you can come in early enough to greet them and show them your enthusiasm by not being late.