Long Time, No See

Hello everybody.  I know it's a been a long time between blogs but I make no apologies if there is nothing to write about.  I usually blog on a hot topic or an idea that might pop up and, lately, time has been an issue because of countless hours with Microsoft trying to resolve computer issues. 

There's so much to do and you wonder how we fit it all in but that is with everything we do, whether it be work, time at home etc.  But what would you do with the spare time if you gave up your training?  The answer would probably be 'nothing'.  That sounds good at the beginning but you will soon get bored.  Then you start looking for something to do and you end up committing to something only to find out down the track, it was a bad idea.  Perhaps, 'nothing' might be OK for some people but not for me, thanks!

We are always seeking to better ourselves, and the martial arts creates a channel for us to harness our skills and express our personalities through a challenging environment whilst interacting with each other in a common interest.  I have stepped out of our school's circle by teaching BJJ to outsiders at the PCYC.  Most of these students are already martial artists (some being brown belts) of Karate, Classical Jiu Jitsu.  

Continue your training my friends and enjoy the fruits of life in the martial arts.  There is nothing to gain by doing nothing.  Your computer will still be there when you get home, Facebook will not shut down during training and you don't have to miss any of your TV shows (record them, like I do).  Make your life worthwhile and don't come up with excuses which may make you feel better at the time, only to find out later, you have made a bad decision!

Interesting time with John Will last weekend.  It gave me the chance to catch up and train with him, including Steve Perceval and Richard Sargeant.  An interesting thing I share with John is he is constantly doing things to improve himself in the martial arts so he can be better at the age of 60.  Great philosophy!