Let’s Be Friends

Some pretty interesting things can be found on Facebook (FB).  This is fast becoming the most preferred technological ways to communicate with the little time we have in the day or just to keep in touch with old friends.  I seem to get a faster reply through FB than from SMSing or emailing.  I must admit this never  appealed to me until Richard Norton got me into this.  If this is how we better find out things and learn from each other, then so be it.  So this is what I saw on FB the other day:

'The more I have been involved in Martial arts, I have come to understand it is less important to have volumes of disfunctional back stabbing friends & students and more important to have fewer real and loyal friends and students with good intentions'.

That's a good philosophy to keep in mind for Instructors but this has prompted me to think about the great friendships we have with our students. It's all because we share an interest and passion and, to a certain extent, we put aside time for each other.  This is true friendship.  How many people can readily say, any of the people they know, are a 'friend'.  We all know it takes time to get to know and trust someone and very few can actually make it over the net.  The martial arts has a way of people making friends in the industry, especially in the school, and sometimes life-long.  If this is the only thing martial arts has to offer, then it is all worthwhile.
Your friend,
George Adams