Let the Games Begin!

My weekend started MMA seminar with locals & visitorsoff Thursday morning by picking up my buddy, Richard Norton, from the Airport.  We went straight to the PCYC (police citizens youth club) where we got on the mats including Dr Chris for about 3 hours.  Then off to Jordan Micakovski’s school at Austral for a BBQ with overseas visitors here for the World Martial Arts Games.  That evening an MMA seminar (a mixture of Kickboxing & BJJ ) for about two and a half hours.  The next morning, another 3 hours of BJJ with Richard.  It was great to see Steve Micakovski get on the mats with us; great skills!

The showdown between Richard and I, did take place but he pinned me down and gave me a few slaps in the face but I claimed ‘unfair play’.  Richard came back with a beauty, “Why, because I didn’t have my hands and legs tied up?”  That’s exactly what I had in mind; Richard and Chuck Norris did the same thing to Carlos Machado!  Very funny, Mr Norton, but you know, this is not over yet! 

Seriously, I had a great time, training with Richard and learning so much from him.  I wonder how he crams so much in his head.  I’ve really improved on my techniques resulting in my ability to survive a little longer when getting on the floor.  I am very fortunate because I am getting the full deal ie BJJ, MMA, Kickboxing, Reality Based Self Defence etc.  Australia is very fortunate to have him. 

Today was the first day of the Games.  The World's got talent in the martial arts; Richard and I were quite impressed. Tomorrow is the second day of the World Games.