Kickboxing (boxer learning to kick?)

Kickboxing has come a long way since it first came on the ‘market’.  I was one of the curious ones who went out to investigate, in the mid '80's, and found it was not something that was readily going to convince me to  give away what I was already doing (karate).  What I saw was an amateurish boxer doing a crash course in kicking.  Unfortunately, kickboxing, back then was very primitive, and there was no leading authority to persuade us this futuristic concept especially, in an era, the norm was just to concentrate on the one thing.

Once upon a time if girls were allowed to take up Kickboxing, a typical male chauvinistic response was ‘you’ve got to be joking’, if anybody wanted to do it for fitness, the reply was ‘don’t waste our time’, those who wanted do it for the art and pleasure were laughed at ‘if you’re not going in the ring, then take up crocheting’.  If the attitudes didn’t change there would be less people in the industry and kickboxing would not have progressed to where it is today.  There was also somewhat noteable resistance from boxers and their fans to allow Kickboxing a chance in the arena but Thai Boxing, which was very popular in Thailand and truly developed, kind of pushed Kickboxing in the western world.

The more people in the martial art the further it will progress.  Some schools are too busy recruiting or even trying to create Gladiators at the expense of other students when they should be given just as much attention because, without them, the martial art or school would not exist.