Sensei Benny 'the Jet' Urquidez will be back again in Australia soon.  Undeniably, the best Kickboxer in the World with a never been beaten record of 200 wins (63 by knockout), zero losses holding 6 World Titles in 5 different weight divisions, remaining undefeated in his 27 year career.  Sensei Benny has also trained Hollywood star, John Cusack, who is also a World Class Kickboxer himself, and holds the rank of 6th Degree.  Sensei Benny has also trained Pete 'Sugarfoot' Cunningham (6 times World Champion himself) and Hollywood Martial Arts Star, our own legendary Kyoshi Richard Norton. 

This will be the 3rd time I will meet up and train with Sensei Benny.  Apart from being an extraordinary martial artist, he is an extremely nice and humble man and I have the privilege of having conversations and dinners with him.  Hopefully, we will see Richard Norton in Sydney to meet up with Sensei Benny.

Sensei Benny has worked alongside many Hollywood Actors, (and Choreographer) to Nicholas Cage, John Cusack, Louis Gossett Jnr and James Wood.  Enjoy the fight scene, from the movie "Wheels on Meals', between Jackie Chan and Sensei Benny: GA