Jammed Packed Weekend

Returned from the ACT after a 3 day weekend training with Shihan Richard Norton.  Seminars included Reality Based Self Defence, MMA and 2 sessions of BJJ which were hosted by our ACT representative, Damien Philpott.  John and Timothy Ellis also attended, and from Qld,  Darren Grieve, Dean Taylor and Lee Bird.  My body is a little sore and my mind is jammed packed with new information.  I need a few days for the computer chip in my head to process all this. 

The seminars saw many new faces on the scene.  Shihan Richard did a splendid job as always.  It is really impressive to see him perform whether on the ground or stand-up.  Now I know why Mr John Will says he is the best all round martial artist in the world – there is no doubt about it.  I also have to give Richard points for trying to be the best stand-up comedian in the world (maybe I can get him a gig on Red Faces in ‘Hey, Hey, It’s Saturday’).

It was a fantastic weekend.  It was all about martial arts, training, getting together with friends and making new ones.  Now that I'm back home, I’ll get stuck into the weights in the morning and into the martial arts in the evening.  I’ve already had a break; 3 hours drive back from Canberra was enough.