It’s a Numbers Game

I had a really good time teaching the Kid’s Karate class this afternoon because it gave me a chance to test my teaching ability and skills standing in front of a younger group.  The question is ‘do I have what it  takes to get my message across’?  If I am to be a Master Teacher I should be able to walk into a room and take on any group whether it be young, old, experienced, inexperienced etc.  When dealing with a group such as beginners or very young persons, the skills of the teachers have to be much more acute.  The Instructor has to look for various ways to get the message across in the best way possible.  A good Instructor should have the ability to teach one student or a hundred.  There would be many inexperienced instructors who will start to fold when the numbers go up purely because of not being to address large groups (maybe even stage fright) or even lack the skills to control such large numbers – now there's a new meaning for that cliche 'it's a numbers game'.

These are all challenges.  Standing in front of the ACT & Qld students last month, many of them for the first time, one has to quickly look at faces and assess how they should they be spoken to and look for visual signs to see how well it is working out.  It is not an easy task but after years of experience this personally has not been a problem for me.  Kyoshi Richard Norton and Professor John Will will ‘perfectly’ take charge of any group by getting their attention and asking them to be able to do exactly what they want.

My Kids class was great and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.  There was something in it for the kids and there was something in it for me.  Straight after that, I jumped in and taught the MMA class. That's another notch on my belt.  Great night!