It was tough!

Friday night was Benny ‘the Jet’ Urquidez seminar and what a night it was.  I was once again happy to meet up and train with the legend of all legends in Kickboxing and Karate.  Some of his best known students include Hollywood Stars, John Cusack and Richard Norton.  Not to mention he has trained many other stars such as Nicholas Cage.  He has also produced World Kickboxing Champions, Pete ‘Sugarfoot’ Cunningham, and Australian icon, Stan ‘the Man’ Longinidis.  Another student worth mentioning is John Hackleberry, World UFC Champion, Chuck Lidell's trainer.  Enough of that!

The conditioning and stretching was the hardest I had ever come across for a long time. It is truly amazing to work with a person of remarkable physical and mental ability.  After our initial meet and greet, Sensei Benny, was quick to ask if Richard Norton was in Sydney, but that wasn't to be, which would’ve been nice to see them both together.  I will just have to fly to Melboure for that.

It is interesting to see that Sensei Benny has been in the MMA scene well before anybody has ever heard of BJJ.  I have seen HIM surprise us with some of his takedowns and throws in Kickboxing matches in the '80's.  At the seminar we got a taste of some of his MMA, as well as Kickboxing.  I also really enjoyed his unique stretching techniques which mainly involves unlocking the joints instead emphasizing muscle stretches.

Sensei Benny is a loveable character and it shows he is really passionate about what he does and teaches although it has taken me 2 days to recover but I loved it.  I get to see him, one more time, this Thursday for some specific training.   

I feel I a great connection with Sensei Benny because of my close alliance and frienship with Kyoshi Richard Norton.  Sometimes, I wonder why there are not enough people out there to take advantage of great martial artists who put themselves out there!