Injury Free Week

If anybody out there has an injury free week please contact us so we can throw a party!  It is a fact of life that nobody can escape injury, because at some stage or another, we beings will fall over, get our fingers caught in the car door or even break a foot etc.  Sportspersons can be prone to injuries because of the activity they do but the trick is to minimise the risk.  Ironically, most students receive injuries outside of martial arts. 

Sometimes, we perceive injuries to be worse than what they really are and we unnecessarily allow them to get in the way of what we need to do or want to do.  The golden rule is 'don't do anything which may aggrevate the injury' but that does not mean cease doing everything.

Temporary injuries may bring your life to a halt and sometimes those injuries will change the way you do things because of limitations to what you can do.  In the martial arts,   Bill 'Superfoot' Wallaceinjuries (temporary or permanent) have been a blessing in disguise for some people forcing them to seek other avenues and discover hidden talents.  Those who do not know Bill ‘Superfoot’ Wallace (former World Champion Kickboxer), he became a legend with his incredibly effective and fast kick (approximately 100kph).  It was because of a right knee injury which forced him to kick with his left leg only.  Bill could kick the front, right and left side of anybody’s head without putting his leg down and there was nothing anybody could do about it.  Many talents have been stumbled across like this but I’m sure this is not just limited to the martial arts.  I had a talk with Bill recently at the Supershow in Sydney and I asked him if he still ate hamburgers (he's the real hamburgler).  He replied with an absolute yes and he still loves training which showed at the seminar, however, he does not like beetroot on his burgers; and I told him that we do not like pickles on our burgers. 

Not everybody can do what others can do.  Some are super strong, some are super flexible etc so you do what you are capable of doing.  This should be no different to any limitations based on physical abilities or injuries ie you do what you are capable of doing.  Discoveries may only a matter of changing course; sometimes injuries or limitations will prompt you to change course.