In Melbourne again!

 My good friend, John Flynn, came by with Hanshi Tino and Master Rodel, at 5.30am on Sunday (12/10/08). I was starting to have second thoughts about making this trip to Melbourne (too groggy from getting up so early). When we got to the Airport the girl behind the counter suddenly transformed into a 10 year old when she realised Hanshi was the father of Kate Ceberano.

When we landed in Melbourne we were met by the CEO of the International Kenshusei College, Barry Johnston, and we went straight over to the Melbourne Aquatic Centre for the seminars. There were about 60 people in the room from all different martial arts groups (some from WA & Qld). The first seminar was done by Richard Norton and Sam Greco (former World K1 Kickboxing Champion), and the second seminar by Tino Ceberano and Master Rodel. People went ‘wow’; they’ve never seen anything like this. This is the first time I’ve met Sam Greco; he is huge and very tough looking but, more important, he is a very nice guy! Sam Greco has done a few movie roles himself alongside Richard Norton, and more recently, stunt doubled for Steve Austin in The Condemned.

There were many other great masters in attendance including Shihan Eddie Emin (Australia's pioneer Karate Instructor) and Hanshi Bruce Haynes (world record holder in breaking). It was a really long and tiring day. After that a few of us went to a restaurant called the ‘Groove Train’. That is when I decided I’ve had enough and took the next plane back to Sydney. When the plane landed I kissed the ground; I don't know how the Pope does it without knee pads