In Business Making People Feel Happy!

 Every now and then I run into old students especially kids who have grown up and they greet me with a bow and call me, Sir.  It's inspirational to know they still have respect, so I must be doing something right.  Just the other day, a student (in his '30s) who used to train in the ACT over 3 years ago (now lives in Perth), has contacted me via the 'on line enquiry'.  He has not been able to find a school despite recommending him some very good Insctructors:

Marc: Would like to know if Budoshinkai will ever be part of Western Australia?
Reply: It will depend if any of our Black Belts decide to live there and open up a school.  I believe you are the Marc that used to train with Damien (ACT).
Marc: Thank you for the reply.  I hope, one day, someone will!  I absolutely love what you teach and what I've been taught from Damien.  And yes, it is Marc that trained with Damien.

Thanks, Marc, for your wonderful comments.  I wish I could help you because you are the type of person we want around.  You are fussy, though.  Maybe, it might be easier to move to back to the ACT.

I get a lot of that and I believe other Instructors do, too.  One of my first 2nd Dan Black Belts, of the late '80's, called me recently.  He just wanted to let me know there was nobody else out there like the way I taught classes!  I was thinking what I used to teach then was based on my knowledge of that time.  Now, I do it differently because what what I teach now is still based on my knowledge, the difference being, I have more to offer! 

The martial arts has really advanced over the years.  Richard and I once discussed 'wouldn't it be great to be have been taught all the things we now know, back then; we'd be so much better'.

Just to let a few people know the residual pain from my back injury has just about disappeared.  I am starting to cause a little grief to some people on the mats and those who are in the leather exchange trade.  My Police Commander was astonished when he found out I am back pushing heavy inanimate objects.  Mr John Will caught me by surprise when he was advising me on particular techniques until I realised he thought I was still nursing my back.  I said, 'no more back injury', his reply, 'GREAT'.  There's two more people I made happy!  It will be good catching up with Mr John Will (the blog master) in Sydney this week.  To quote, John, 'you are an exceptionally good writer', he loves reading my blogs!  Many thanks, Mr Will, I love your blogs, too!

One more item: Shihan Richard Norton is in the States, once again, catching up with other friends and doing a bit of training.  Hope not for long!  I wonder whether it has anything to do with our challenge (lol)!