I’m all Ears

How does an Instructor get students to listen to them?  Every Instructor has different ways which is an important part of teaching.  There is no one way to do this because it will depend on the school’s culture, the different age groups, the level of understanding within the groups and individuals. 

 Teaching can be frustrating for both the Teacher and student because lack of connection.  If it’s not happening, the Instructor may need to take it back a couple of notches by simplifying the tasks so everybody gets something out of the session.  It is a case of not too much and not too little in order to maximise productivity.

Nothing wrong with doing the basics (bread and butter stuff), we have to always go back there at some stage of the game.  Basic training – good for the junior ranks, and even greater for the advanced students, who view the techniques from a different perspective because of their developed attitudes and experiences. 

How do you know the students are listening?  Good response to commands and counts, regular eye contact with the Instructor and they are doing what they are actually being asked.  Success should be particularly measured by any improvement of the mediocre performers, not by the exceptional few who always do well.

How well the students listen is also dependent on the Instructor's ability to communicate and their skill level in captivating the audience's attention.  But that's probably another blog.