I’ll Take on Anybody!

 I'm always up for a challenge.  It doesn't matter who walks in the door, a good Instructor should be able to take on anybody!  We welcome male or female, young or old, fat or thin, strong or weak, tall or short, disabled, mentally challenged, deaf or even blind. It doesn't matter what religion, race, culture, beliefs, marital status, sexual preferences etc, they're all good to go (ie become martial arts students); that's my way of showing respect to everyone and acknowledging how special some of these people, with disabilities, really are by taking up the martial arts.  I've had a 60 year old train with me for a few years and I always made him feel welcome because it was such a pleasure having him around. 

Most Instructors will usually have no problems teaching their art but how many would really be prepared or confident enough to take on a 'not so typical' walk in.  Now that would be a real challenge!   Only recently one evening, I realised one of my students could not execute a particular movement.  He actually came up to me and nervously said it was because of his bad knee.  I said, 'we will improvise and not to worry about it, there are thousands of techniques to do, so I seriously doubt this would affect his ability to learn martial arts.'  I think this was the right answer because a sign of relief showed on his face.  That was only a small challenge. 

Every student has a right to be at any martial arts school they choose so it is important for the Instructor to know that every student should be treated equally.  The Instructor also has to facilitate training for some people who have special needs.  It's an extra great feeling when an Instructor can really make a positive impact on the lives of these special people.  How many Instructors are willing to taken on anybody now?