Hit two Birds with one Stone

I went in for a little knee arthroscopy today.  I had butterflies in my stomach last night to the point of freaking out.  I spoke to John and Melissa Will last night who calmed me down.  John said the reason for the nerves, for such a minor op, is a long history of my negative association with hospitals.  As soon as the hopsital called me up yesterday I starting feeling anxious.  I spoke to Richard Norton, Victor, Dr Chris, Rob Naumoski etc to see if that might put me at ease.  The knee was long overdue which will take about two weeks to fully recover which is about the same time my right foot is fully mended.

It was difficult for my wife to agree to the operation on my left knee whilst having a broken right foot at the same time but I just want to get things over and done with. This way I get to hit two birds with one stone. The difficulty faced was how to use the crutches with both feet not being able to walk for a few days.  Problem solved, it was easy.  Victor called me up and thought I wasn't going to the classes tomorrow.  When there's a will, there's a way.  All I have to do is rub some of this magic potion onto some of our students.
PS: Yes, the knee is extremely sore when I try to walk.