Have You Got any Change?

Development is basically change which occurs in all aspects of life and technology.  Something good today, will one day in the near future, be improved or  superseded with another.  It’s called progress.  This is a better word because the word 'change' can be quite negative to many people. 

This does not negate that some things need, or best stay, in their original state, eg traditional martial arts or tried and proven techniques.  Many of the modern martial arts have evolved to suit the environment and times.  However, they always pay tribute to the customs (bowing and respect) of the traditional martial arts (that part should not ‘evolve’).  The biggest problem of evolution, in the martial arts, is not understanding the grass roots level where it all began. To evolve is to progress and you need that to start at the very bottom to be part of the evolution process. 

The Muay Thai, I learnt in the ‘80’s, is nowhere near the same taught today; that has evolved and continues to do so.  The same goes for BJJ and MMA.  In fact, we should pay tribute to these arts which have shown us it is OK for any martial art to change (advance). BJJ, in particular, is an incredible art because it is constantly evolving from school to school, and from person to person. 

In addition, the techniques in traditional martial arts, on the surface are also evolving.  Even our karate has undergone some changes by the introduction of new techniques and new ways of training.  This is what makes it exciting.  However, as a Teacher, I frown upon students who amaze me with things I have not seen them do before but can't execute a basic punch correctly.  Progress is also about learning more, not instead of! 

Change is not something people are accustomed to, whether it be work, technology etc. This can also apply to the martial arts.  Changes must be useful and can only occur with an open mind.  Your Instructors have open minds.  Spread your wings and take advantage of everything else we offer.