Getting Things Done

What I was thinking today is that you can get a lot of things done in a day with the correct mindset.  Tim and John came over this morning to pick up my trophies and medals (from my prize fighting days) and take to the school.  We then went and picked up a drink fridge, organised by Peter (Mr Strongman), from his house and took it to the school and then battled our way up the stairs to the dojo.  That was a real test for the four of us but 'she' now sets off the decor.  We dusted all the trophies and placed them on display (they look good near the drink fridge). 

 After a bit of rest at home, I had finished off the Black Belt Leadership manual, then got the lawnmower out and chopped up the grass.  I also got to see a couple of 2 X 'Two and a Half Men' repeats and here i am now doing a blog.  There was more but I won't bore you any further with other stuff.  The point is not to stagnate and use excuses for not getting things done.  Call it the mindset of a martial artist.  There's one more to add to that mindset.  Young Jake Mountford turned up to training yesterday with his foot in a walking boot and crutches.  I managed to get a picture of him in the back of the room.  Good mindset, this one.