Get Technical

An exciting thing about the martial arts is the technical aspects and detail.  Back in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s it was about courage, strength, and toughness but as evolution started doing its thing the martial arts have now become increasingly technical that we are putting aside the much emphasis on that which, back then, was only a drive for a unique class of people that were physically and mentally up for the challenge discouraging many other interested people.

However, everybody to a certain extent has courage, strength and toughness (CST).  Courage is not about being gung ho or being a hero, it is about have the mindset to take on challenges.  Strength is not about brutal strength or how much weight you can lift, it is about the inner strength of your mind and body.  The letter, 'T' can also mean Technical which is an important learning aspect and there is nothing wrong with compensating knowledge with the technical aspects if persons don't possess the physical attributes young people and athletes have. Ultimately, the more technical, the better the martial artists.  The infamous Brazilian Jiu Jitsu master, Helio Gracie who was naturally a weak man, proved that by mastering leverage to beat his stronger opponents.

Learn to pay attention to detail and committing ourselves through our martial arts training is what will get us through the challenges in life.  Parents are always seeking what kind of results could their children expect to achieve from their martial arts training; hopefully, this may explain it.