Get Smart

Everybody should get smart about their training.  The thing about Xmas is the period leading up to it that gives rise to some people to cut down on their martial arts lessons and training when they should be topping up as much as they can before the doors close on you for a couple of  weeks. 

As history has a habit of repeating itself, people worry about what they eat between December and January when it should be the other way round.  It is those two months when people go on a food binge and that's where the problems start.  We can't avoid that but we can do something between January and December, especially, the period leading up to it by working out to counter the influx of calories. You should be training twice as hard and get to every lesson before the doors do a Maxwell Smart on your nose (reference to the famous Get Smart door scene).

Train, train, train, that’s the best advice from Santa.