Forget the Ice Bucket

Jiu Jitsu is not for everybody but the fact that most martial arts schools are including some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) in their curriculum indicates a growing interest and a need to adapt to the changing environment because self defence is no longer just a stand-up game. 

Newcomers quickly find out BJJ is more of an ocean than a swimming pool when you start comparing BJJ to other martial arts.  There are many instructors who would like to be part of Jiu Jitsu but the enthusiasm quickly loses its momentum because of little voices in their heads:

1.  Who’s got the time?
2.  Who wants to go to the ground anyway?
3.  I’m already a black belt;
4.  Looks like too much hard work;
5.  Three years for the first belt is too long;
6.  How do I wrestle with my arms folded?
7.  This stuff won’t work on me;
8.  I’ll teach MMA, no worries about belts and certificates.

Five years later, the voices again in their heads:

1.  I better make the time;
2.  I want to learn what to do if the fight goes to the ground;
3.  I don’t mind wearing a white belt;
4.  I’m not afraid of hard work;
5.  If I train hard enough I should get my first belt in 3 years;
6.  Wrestling looks like fun;
7.  This stuff can really work for me;
8.  I better learn Jiu Jitsu before I start teaching it.

Forget the Ice Bucket.  Take up Jiu Jitsu if you want a real challenge and don’t forget to donate.