Fantastic Time with John Will

 I was at Steve Perceval’s school over the last weekend doing another BJJ seminar with John Will. I dragged the twins along with me and sacrificed them to Richard Sargeant (who was recently promoted to Brown Belt) who did some attitude adjusting (just kidding). It is really good just to see John again because I really enjoy, not only his BJJ, but his teaching skills. After that, John, Steve and I went to Rick Spain’s school in the city to do another seminar. I partnered off with Rick Spain who is well renowned and one of the most talented martial artists in Australia so it was good to ‘grab each other by the collar’. Surpise, surprise, John Will awarded him his Brown Belt (wasn’t Rick happy?). Rick Spain deserves it and he is a real gentleman. After that, John, Steve and I went to a Brazilian Restaurant in Leichhardt. John could not stop bragging about his wife’s cooking and Steve told him to not tell us anymore since he cannot offer any. I told John I am really blessed to be surrounded with people like himself, Richard Norton and Steve. John is really happy I am hooked up with Richard because he is the best martial artist in the world. Can’t wait for the next John Will seminar (next year). Next time, Portuguese cuisine!