Excuses, excuses, excuses!

After a big weekend with Richard Norton last week and feeling a little worse for wear, I was asked by one of the students on the Monday night why I was not home resting.  I thought 'being tired' is a poor excuse.  The next thing you know, you need to take the night off because you think you’re tired.   We are all susceptible to this syndrome of coming up with excuses to try and justify to ourselves and others of not feeling guilty.

 We are in the business of martial arts; we are athletes.  We all work hard and enjoy what we do.  For me it’s truly amazing at the parental support for children, something that I didn’t have growing up (times were different for some of us as kids).  I have noticed this particularly in the last couple of weeks by some parents appealing our decisions for their children lacking hours to qualify for testing.  Whilst there were many reasons for the lack of attendance, most parents wanted to take the fall by blaming themselves.  As an Instructor, I find that inspirational, which shows how genuinely interested parents are in their children.  But everybody has to accept the fact that excuses can be detrimental to progress.

I like to feel tired after a session, not before a session.