‘Elementary My Dear Watson’

What made Sherlock Holmes a famous detetive was his magnifying glass and his  ability to see things, and clearer, than other people.  Martial arts students tend to loathe the basics when shown to them because humans tend to get bored.  But that is all a matter of perspective because, to an advanced student, a basic technique looks a whole lot different to that from a beginner.  In fact, an advanced student probably finds its more exciting because they discover new detail in a basic technique just as a Forensic Scientist sees things which are usually oblivious to  that of an ordinary person unless given a magnifying glass.  For a beginner to appreciate the advanced student’s perspective, they should look at a difficult technique and they will soon realize that it has more than one shape.

As I’ve told students before I can almost write a book on the execution of a punch because to me a punch cannot be explained in one word or move.  Can you imagine how a punch could be explained by a Medical Practitioner in terms of biomechanics, physics, biology? 

I tell students the importance of not missing out class because 'no two classes are the same'.  They might appear the same in terms of presentation but the delivery might be different and this is where students have the opportunity to understand more of what has been shown.  Martial arts is not just about the execution of movements but also understanding concepts and forensically examining detail.