Drunk as a Skunk

Just taking a little advice from John Will about drinking half bottle of scotch before wrestling.  Not too good in my line of work if I have to go to work the next day.  I get the picture now – just pretend to be drunk.  Well, after a back injury, you don't have much of a choice, because going hard is out of the question.  This has turned out to be good for me. Lately, I seem to be holding my ground much better and I'm getting the submissions effortsly.  

One morning, I got two of my students to wrestle with each other, one go hard and the other go soft.  I wanted to put my money on 'go soft'.  Luckily for me, I didn't get my bets in on time.  They both ended up in an arm wrestle with nobody getting the submission.  I said to 'go soft', "you should always stay relaxed even if it means getting tapped out 1,000 times.  In fact, keep count.  At some stage up to 1,000 you'll start tapping them out.  If this doesn't work, get yourself a back injury". 

Richard Norton said, 'wrestling with a BJJ master is like wrestling with an empty jacket'.  I laughed because I thought he's being funny again, as he usually is, but what a great analogy!  The master, is like an empty jacket, offering no resistance nor using strength, but relies on pure technique.

John can now travel lighter and leave those bottles of scotches at home.  I've got a few rough looking jackets around the house which I think I might just take on!  I wonder how an empty jacket taps out, Richard.