Don’t Put Out the Flame

This is something I read from John Will in his recent blog which has inspired to me to write something about why we train.

 Many of us learn martial arts to basically to defend ourselves but those who continue training is because they want to build confidence, become stronger and feel good about themselves. To continue training is like trying to keep that flame alive. How easy it is to put it out. How many times do Instructors hear from parents or students they've decided to quit because something else has come up, usually because little Johnny wants to be with his mates and play football. What Johnny should be doing is telling his mates to come and train the martial arts if they really want to be with him. Once you put out the flame then you have to find a new source to get it going again because that's what happens when little Johnny realises he'd rather be a martial artist.

To get back on track, John Will talks about the need to have some measure of control over our world which can be a hostile place and our martial arts training can prepare us in many ways for the challenges ahead.

The very challenge of martial arts training is a platform which can be extremely rewarding. after attaining the skills that help us prevail and prosper in our environment. Let's keep that flame going.