Don’t Get Cut up Over Nothing

Knives come in all shapes and sizes and are more dangerous than they really look.  Last  week’s 60 minutes programme should have alerted you to these facts.  Knives are readily available, easily concealed and you won't be able to tell who has one by their looks; that’s why it’s becoming increasingly difficult for authorities to detect.  Martial arts training, to defend against bladed weapons, is generally inadequate and not ‘pressure tested’.  Only professional people in the armed forces and law enforcement agencies, who train 2 hours a day, will ever be good at this.  Although there is a lot of good stuff out there, any martial arts training should be taken with a grain of salt when it comes to this risky business.  Because this area of self defence allows no margin for error, it is most important for instructors to seek expert training prior to teaching.  Australian Police Instructors sought their training from Benny Urquidez, many years ago, and have recently updated their training package with Ray Floro.  Both these guys are world reknown experts in the martial arts.

In brief, people who are going to use a knife will usually lunge forward towards the victim's stomach (there will be no ritual as a pro knife fighter who will slash before the kill).  Also interesting to note, the only person who holds a knife with a hammer grip (see pic) with downward strikes is likely one involved in a domestic situation. 

After learning the best from the best it is quite clear these techniques need to be practiced every day (not necessary if your lifestyle doesn't call for it).  Our recently discovered cutting edge technology takes into consideration victims will be on adrenalin overdrive, they will experience tunnel vision, and with sweaty hands are not going to be able to pull the knife off anyone.  Our solution is based on simplicity and reliability.  In the 35 years of martial arts I see this as a major breakthrough (compliments of Victor Matos).  Although so far, so good, I would like to see the system undergo a bit more 'pressure testing', and see what kind of feedback (good or bad) we can get from the experts,  Richard Norton and John Will.  

Just a helpful hint: If you are unfortunate enough to get held up at knife point, drop your wallet  on the ground and run like hell.  They are not going to chase after you if they got what they want!  Even if they do, you have already gained distance by distracting them with the wallet being dropped on the ground.