Don’t Fall Head over Heels

My approach to martial arts is one of curiosity ie why we do things in a certain way and what is  the benefit of doing them that way.  I like to investigate because I am not always satisfied by some of the explanations, and there may be further reasons.  For example, why do we do Jiu Jitsu rolls and breakfalls?  You might expect, 'in case you get thrown on the ground', and that's great in class which gives your opponent, a number of opportunties, to practice their takedowns or throws without you getting hurt.  Is that the only use?

If any martial artist believes that they can do any of these classy rolls and falls on a hard surface in real combat, they should think again!  If you end up in a clinch it would be difficult to be able to do any of these especially with hands tied up.  It's even more difficult when you're not expecting to take to the ground so you would be caught by surprise thus not executing the fall as you do in class.  Your skills also do not guarantee you will not hit the deck if you're up against a good adversary.  So the point of practicing the rolls and falls should see you better off than your opponent by taking the fall the best way possible making sure you protect your head and back.  

This training helps students conquer the fear of falling down and to be better off than the 'other guy' who might not know anything at all.  Anyway, you'll eventually see everything will fall into place!