Don’t be a ‘Wuss’

A little bit of pain, a little bit of stress and a little bit of disappointment in one’s life is not going to hurt anyone, especially kids.  In the martial arts it’s all part of the education process and that’s an important part of growing up if we want kids to become resilient to a bit of pain or emotion.  A concern factor is the younger generations.  See what happens if you take the iphone off them.  How are they supposed to overcome fear if this is all it takes to freak them out?

Whilst there are so many new laws that protect children, there are many parents, with all good  intentions, who overprotect children to the point where these kids will hardly experience disappointment is or even know how to deal with it.  This is demonstrated by parents who overreact when they see their children take a fall or even a hard hit during their training.  Imagine how these kids may feel seeing their parents react that way; it shows lack of confidence in their children. This is where the martial arts can take up the slack by giving the youngsters the opportunity to experience challenges, disappointment and learning not to give up, but the parents have to acknowledge that.

Every kid and grown-up needs to become resilient in some way if they want to be able to handle the pressures of life.  What better way to learn this by brushing off a hard hit or handling 150kg on their chest (jiu jitsu).  It’s not about not letting it happen, it’s about how you handle it when it does happen.

Once upon a time, people took up martial arts to protect themselves by beating up the other guy before he beats them.  Today, it’s a lot more complicated; we need to beat bullying, harassment, stress and health issues, and learn to fit in society with the right people.  PEOPLE OF AUSTRALIA, DON’T BECOME WUSSES.