Changes Ahead

I was talking to an interested party about BJJ on the phone tonight, and whilst I don’t normally spend too much time with many people who are just window shoppers or ‘tyre kickers’, I find it interesting to elaborate my thoughts and speak what's on in my mind.  I was talking about BJJ being like computer hardware and software which constantly  need updating; there seems to be no end to this.  This can be sometimes frustrating compared with other martial arts such as Karate or Kickboxing because it is like not settling down.  But in essence that’s what is good about it; the complexity is what keeps our minds continually engaged. it is invetiable, martial arts evolve, especially BJJ, which makes it interesting to keep doing what we do. The changes are usually slow and unnoticeable but they do take place.

Cross training in martial arts, one usually aids the other, resulting overall learning being accelerated by this process; this has been proven.  Everybody has a sweet spot for a particular martial art and that is an advantage because they can become really good at what they like. Gone are the days if you don't step in the ring or cage, you should forget taking up Kickboxing or MMA.  All arts are there to be exploited and indulged by anybody who hears their calling.  There are very few who enter the gladiator arenas but that is not what the martial arts are all about.  For many of us we just enjoy the fruits of what the martial arts have to offer. 

The instructors are there for students but the students have to be there for the instructor.  Students should not miss out on training for the sake of it, because then it will likely happen again.  A thief is a thief because they cannot stop at one.  Once they start, they will steal again so don’t go robbing yourself of lessons.  If you have the time, we (instructors) have the patience.  Just turn up with an enthusiastic smile.