CB Radio of the 21st Century

The net is like CB radio – time waster.  Back in the early ‘70’s I used to enjoy talking on CB radio (Citizen’s Band).  It was very popular in those days, speaking to strangers and making friends over the airways.  Many hours were spent talking about nothing and making up garbage.  I would stay up till 4 in the morning talking to anybody who I can find also staying up late.  My friends and I look back now and we think it was a waste of time ie no value and no productivity.  I think the mobile phone killed it.

I see Facebook and Forums much the same way.  Whilst most people are enjoying them right now,  they will probably look back later and share the same opinion of what I think about CB radios back then ie zero value and zero productivity.  I say don’t waste your time.  There are 24 hours in the day.  Eight hours are for sleeping and the remaining 16 hours can be divided for grooming, work, eating, phone conversations, computer work, coffee, television etc.  Why waste those valuable hours on Facebook and Forums for something with no return.  Don't get me wrong, CB was great for travelling for information and in case of emergency (we didn't have mobile phones back then).  Facebook and Forums can also be good when used correctly but people do get carried away (I was guilty with CB radio).  This is not healthy.

If you are serious about martial arts you would need to give serious thought about time wasters.  Some of the greatest martial artists on earth never had to worry about CB radio, Facebook or Forums because they didn’t exist.  We wouldn’t have the likes of Chuck Norris, Richard Norton and John Will around if they spent their time on CB radio.

Technology is here to make our life easier and more advanced but not to eat away the precious hours you have left in the day.  In the case of martial arts, make the most of your time and use it productively by trying to learn as much as you can and be the best you can be.