What a breathtaking view!  But how about a breathtaking story?  Darren Grieve is one of our Instructors who teaches Karate and BJJ on the Sunshine Coast when he is not policing the streets.  Some of his students just happen to be Police Officers who work under him.  Have a read of his email relating to an incident which took place late last year:

Hi George,

I just got a phone call from Rob thanking me for teaching him the cross lapel choke. He was working by himself and had to go to a Domestic. The bloke went for him so he used the double leg takedown and then put the cross lapel choke on him he had a T Shirt which made it easy to apply. He choked him out and then put the hand cuffs on him. His last words were “I can’t #^">%@g breathe.” It is good to know that things work when it comes down to the crunch. He said he originally was going for the armbar but because he was in a doorway he changed to the choke. The grub has a heap of previous for assault police, the last time he bit a chunk out of a copper's arm.



Once again, another win for the good guys!  My guys in Qld had made good use of their skills on more than one occasion.  Now there's another good reason to get back into training if you had second thoughts this year.