Breaking the Magician’s Code

When a Jiu Jitsu technique is first shown it might appear incredible or even magic, going by the astonished looks on people’s faces, not to mention the heavy sighs in the room; but when explained how it is done we realise it is not so magic after all, just like the magician who reveals his secrets on that great show on Foxtel, after performing an incredible magic act; it's no so magic after all but very clever how it is done.

There's also magic in the martial arts.  People see something and wonder how ‘how it is done’ and ‘how can one learn this’.  You only have to look around the room and see the looks on people's faces.  In magic, there are three types of people.  First, there are those who just look, second, those who want to see how it is done and three, those who want do learn how to do it.  You can say the same thing for Jiu Jitsu. 

This 'magic' is often seen or experienced at seminars and I am not talking about John Will pulling a rabbit out of a hat or Richard Norton levitating with amrbars (ha, ha), but the amazing skills on display and the chance of ordinarly people (ie students) to learn the tricks of the trade.