Booted Out

FOR SALE – 1 Pair of Canadian Crutches, excellent condition, fastidious owner, and 1 Walking Boot (fits both left and right), A1 condition, rare colour (black).  Walking boot – great as a spare ski boot.  Bonus gift – free  set of steak knives (one of them cuts through steel pipe).  They will make a great gift for anybody.  Will arrange delivery if required. POA. 

I have officially been given the thumbs up by the doctor so now I can hang up the crutches and boot but, like the doctor said, I have to wait for a few more weeks before I get into the hard stuff.  I must confess I took things in my own hands, a couple of weeks earlier, by giving the boot the boot as a result of my supposedly better judgement.  People often ask me how bad was the pain and the answer is ‘no’ and this has nothing to do with being tough (the doctor asked me the same thing today).  When I first visited the hospital, they wanted to pump me with pain killers and medical staff wouldn't take 'no' for answer.  I guess pain is something I have been acclimatised to.  If you have never been choked or kicked on the leg, then get ready with the first one because you need 3 o 4 of them before you become desensitized to that sort of thing.  First time in battle or any street confrontation can be a shocking experience for anyone.  A few of those will sort out the adrenal overdose and pain drama.

During recovery I was able to notice the very tiny improvement each day being no different to seeing the grass grow but there’s an explanation for this.  In the martial arts, you learn to notice subtle changes and improvements of everything you do.  I was fairly confident, after 4 weeks, I could give the walking boot the boot but to keep everyone happy I stayed on the stuff a bit longer to keep peace with the close people around me.  My left knee is also on the road to recovery.  I am looking at another 4 weeks before I get the green light to return to full duties and being let out to deal with civil unrest.       
PS: There’s a spotter’s fee for anyone finding a buyer (lol).