BJJ Kata?

This blog will probably more interest, the BJJ students, but this can relate to all martial arts.  There are so many techniques in this art and Instructors are always endeavouring to come up with solutions so most of this stuff sticks.  In BJJ it can get quite difficult trying to remember the many techniques, especially, when  they each involve a serious of little steps which can really test the memory.  Realistically, it’s difficult for anyone to come up and fluently demonstrate eg all the chokes they have learnt over the past 6 months especially when the techniques may have been taught in an adhoc fashion. Katas/patterns have been practiced in the traditional styles for many years preserving the techniques of each particular art and making them easier to remember.  Something similar can be used for BJJ, which I call the flow.  So here is my Choke Flow:

Choke 1 – Bow & arrow choke from guard
Choke 2 – Double lapel choke from guard
Choke 3 – Guillotine choke from guard
Scissor sweep (to change into mount position)
Choke 4 – Front choke from mount
Choke 5 – Half nelson lapel choke from side mount
Choke 6 – Repeat same on other side
Choke 7 – Take back and apply rear naked choke

After being shown how to do the techniques in that sequence, it is now simple for anyone to recall and practice the moves which only takes about a minute or so to go through them all.  Good way to practice, good way to remember and a good way for the Instructor to ensure their students practice what they need to know.