Behind Closed Doors

We live in a world where the martial arts once were taught behind closed doors so very little was known about anything and anybody in the martial arts.  In a world of rapid advancing technology, information about those arts can now be found easily as just browsing the web on the phone.  Information is so accessible so when someone has something to show to the world it can usually be found through schools with open door policies, seminars, on line training, media etc. 

Here’s the thing; how long would it take to invent something (even just the one thing) and then become good at it?  The truth is we personally may not really have the zest, ability or time to come up with something new.   The chances are, if you are looking for something different or new, then it’s probably out there.  The martial arts industry is like a giant supermarket and the cliché, ‘buyer beware’ makes sense when looking around so the Teacher is a bit like a broker making sure the student gets the best advice and training.  It should give piece of mind to the student when the Teacher is very active, innovative, always updating their skills and interacting with the right people because the fruits will be passed onto the students.

Many of these seminars which are always open to everyone (this would have been unheard of 30 years ago), are a quick way to pick up information and ideas which might take years to find out (or maybe never).  There is so much to do and learn out there and it is most important, particularly for Instructors, to exploit the industry.  I’d rather shop at a supermarket where everything is available to me compared to those who slip into a 7/11 store with only a couple of things in mind.