Be Careful what you Wish for

I remember complaining to my Instructor, many moons ago, about not enough leg stretches at the beginning of classes.  I can tell that made him angry and he made sure I got what was coming to me. However, it went horribly wrong because I thought I would never ever be able to stretch again!   The stretches took the life out of me that day.  When it was time to start kicking, I had nothing left in those legs of mine. 

The old days were like that; nobody would stop and explain to you 'this is why you do this' and 'this is why you do not do that' because the training was generally based on discipline and faith and you never questioned your Teacher.  It would've been better if my Teacher perhaps could've explained to me, 'too much stretching – not a good way to warm up'.  Instead of telling me, he punished me with ridiculous stretches which only caused pain.  That was his way of getting his point across and punishing me for breaching the discipline and faith code.  Although the old methods taught you many interesting things, more often than not, there was a price to be paid, usually with injuries because you had to find out the hard way; on the upside, it actually made you a better person.

Today, if you ask the Instructor a question, you will get an answer, usually the right one with no fear of reprisals.  How lucky the young people are today!  The moral of the story, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!