At the Hall of Fame – part 2

Make sure you read have previous blog before this one.

During one particular speech, in which you can hear a pin drop in between words, Jordan's phone goes off like a Rock Concert and he couldn’t find it fast enough bringing  everyone out of a coma.  It brought tears to my eyes.  A lot of thanks again to my mate, Richard, about the wonderful things he said about me during his speech.  As I said it made my wife very happy.  When the coffee came around it was a ‘do or die’ thing with me.  Richard knows how much I hate instant coffee and I asked the waiter, a number of times, what were they serving.  He wasn’t going to answer.  The pic says a thousand words.

At the end of the function Barry and I went downstairs to the bar to catch up and stayed there till 1.30am.  We weren’t the only ones.  More congrats to me, from people, about the speech (if I find out what it is, perhaps, I can bottle it).  In the  morning, Barry, Richard, me and the wives met up for breakfast and as always, great to talk.  After that, I went upstairs and watched the demos and seminars put on by the AMAHOF members and the new inductees.  It was very interesting to watch; there is always something new to see and learn.  I was not afforded a time slot to do my bit because of the uncertainty of my back injury a few weeks prior.  The good thing about the demos was where Budoshinkai stands in comparison with others.  Wow, I’m impressed with our system in terms of usefulness and reality.  That was pretty much it.  It was a great ‘get together’ all in the name of martial arts.  A very enjoyable weekend.  Many thanks to Richard and Judy for hosting us.