Assumption is the mother of all stuff-ups!

 How true is this phrase (although edited)!  I have talked, in many different ways, about how we all need to be reminded after learning a technique not to assume we know it all.  Thus, when instructors, go back to the beginning, people can often go into auto pilot mode and just seem to go through the motions, whereas, they should be looking for more detail and improving on it. 

There is a good way of getting my point across; there can be literally 100’s of little steps that make up a move, especially in Jiu Jitsu.  Assuming there are 100 steps from start to finish in a technique, then it is probable to assume you may pick up 5 steps; that means you have 95 more to go. 

What makes one person better than the other is the amount of extra little steps they know.  So we need to refocus when our minds start to wander off when you see repeats.  Take note especially when somebody else shows it because everyone has a different way of presenting it so you will always pick up something you did not before with the other instructor/person.

Never make assumptions!