Another Norton Weekend

I am fortunate enough to spend every moment with Richard Norton when he comes to Sydney.  It was hard work but it was great clocking up 6.5 hours in BJJ and 4.5 hours MMA with the undeniably best all round martial artist in the world this weekend! 

Saturday was a treat for our school at West Pennant Hills with some particularly good friends and top BJJ/MMA martial arts instructors attending – Richard Sargeant, Rob Naumoski and Simon Farnsworth.  It was a great atmosphere particularly for most of my students who had trained under Richard Norton for the first time.

What I notice with these big weekends of learning is you have to go back a couple of steps and revise some of your material and forward advance again.  Richard Sargeant said to Victor ‘there shouldn’t be anyone in this room who did not learn anything’.  How true is that?  It is easy to say ‘I will give this seminar a miss’, but the many who did turn up, were truly inspired which was evident by the numerous emails, sent to me. Sure, there is always a next time but this one has gone.

Time might be an excuse for many, but for me, it is a limited commodity and I try tol use it in the best way I can.  I was virtually away from home commencing 9am Friday morning and did not get back until Sunday 6pm.  I also got to upload my photos and videos, and write a blog.  Please, don’t anyone tell me they don’t have time. 

Victor and I are planning for another visit toward the end of the year.