An Awesome Achievement

 L-R: Prof Paulo Guimaraes, Prof Rob Naumoski, Prof Jorge Pereira

I have known Rob Naumoski for quite a number of years who is a close friend of mine.  Last Wednesday night, he was surprised with his Black Belt in BJJ by Jorge Pereira (a Black Belt 6th Degree from Brazil) who is currently here in Australia. 

Rob is a senior Black Belt in Ninjitsu and he now has his Black Belt in BJJ after 12 hard years of training, the hardest rank to get in any martial art.  He runs his full time school in Bexley in which I regularly attend and wrestle with his guys. 

I, like many others, am very proud of Robert because I know how hard he has worked and waited for this very day.  I feel the same contentment as any one of my students receiving their Black Belts because I would also consider them a friend.

Rob is truly a great Instructor but he also has a great fight record to his name which includes:

  • 5 x NSW Champion
  • 3 x Australian Champion
  • 4 x Pan Pacific Champion

Many of you may have noticed Rob dropping in at our schools and seminars in which he is always welcome.  I was sorry to not be there at the presentation due to injury but  none of us knew this was going to happen anyway.  I cannot wait to actually see him wearing the Black Belt.