‘a job well done’

 Words which inspire, encourage, support, compliment, reward, acknowledge, give confidence are all a big part of building a person’s character; this also reflect the person employing these words.

This is the best medicine for a patient, in time of need, despite the odds against recovery. We all know it too well, words of encouragement, have proven a positive outcome for many people.   If there is a fighting chance for someone out there then it must start with a positive environment.  We have already seen that with John’s son.  There is no doubt in my mind, all the positive thoughts and fan mail may have had something to do with that.    

In my work environment I beg to differ with managers who feel that it is not necessary for them to acknowledge staff, under my supervision, for a job well done.  They adopt the attitude, ‘they are getting paid for it; what else do they want?’  ‘Oh, yes, I can see how this is going to really blow their budget out!’  Perhaps an introduction to martial arts might change that point of view.

A simple compliment to a student can go a long way which is a reward in itself.  In the martial arts we have learnt to acknowledge people for who they are, what they have achieved and what they are trying to achieve.  Students are often rewarded with trophies, rank/belt promotions and other materialistic objects but without the proper words to go with them, it will not really mean much.  Imagine getting a Black Belt from the Teacher who has nothing to say about you. 

There’s nothing worse than walking into a room with a negative atmosphere.  It’s the job of the Teacher to use words which ensure a positive environment.