A Good Word about Instructors

 Our Instructors at Budoshinkai are very dedicated to their martial arts training and loyal to our organisation. I would like to mention the enthusiasm about two particular Instructors. Damien Philpott must have a lot of energy to drive back and forth from the ACT and West Pennant Hills on Saturdays to train with us and I don’t think the weather bothers him either (rain dancers take note). You’ve got to admire him for his enthusiasm and I’m honoured as his Master Instructor that he would take the time to visit us. Damien has long term plans for the martial arts and will be going a long way.

Jonathan Adams who has been teaching the Little Dragons for the last  few years has that special ability to control and teach youngsters with his communications skills, understanding and patience. Usually, after a kids’ class, he will then jump into an adult class and teach with equal ability. I commend both persons for their efforts. These qualities should not go unnoticed and I think it is important that we recognize people for good work whether it be a student or Instructor. The Instructor always makes an effort to compliment a student. Perhaps, a student ocassionally, should do the same for their Instructor. At the end of the day, all Instructors are students. I prefer to call myself a Professional Student rather than an Instructor. That gives me the right to make mistakes and learn from them. I may wear a Black Belt but I am a white belt at heart; after 34 years I am only at the tip of the iceberg.