2010 Australasian BJJ Comp

This past weekend saw me down in Melbourne, with 3 of my guys competing at the 2010 Australasian BJJ Championships hosted by Mr John Will.  It was a fantastic weekend and a real experience for Joshua, Michael and Antoine who train with me at Belmore and the Burwood PCYC.  I also had a wonderful time catching up with fellow instructors, also friends, whom I have not seen for a long time all gathered at one location at the one time.  This sort of thing happened to me before when I visited Greece in 1999 with my cousin getting married at the time.  I got to see all relatives and friends at the one go which I would not otherwise have been able to do so.

The tournament on Saturday was quite successful with no, or very little hiccups I could see.  Congratulations to John and his wife, Melissa, for making it all happen.  My guys want to do it again and I am hoping to see a bigger team from our school attend next year.  It was really nice of Rigan Machado to greet me at the tournament and even remember my first name (that's 2 years after when I last saw him at a Sydney seminar). What a great (really great) martial artist and wonderful man!

The seminar by Rigan, on Sunday, was a real treat.  We worked very hard and there is no doubt everybody got a lot out of it.  Towards the end of the seminar Rigan drilled us with 60 armbars and 60 push-ups in between and I was up for it, I didn't miss a beat!  Must be because us Karate guys have good core strength (lol).