More Rubbish (part 2)

How many times have you picked up something and you didn’t know what it was or couldn’t find the directions on how to use it.  So why did you buy it in the first place?  Shopping is a form of therapy and coming home with something is a sense of accomplishment, empty handed is a sign of failure for many people.

Specials!  Everybody likes a bargain so they’ll buy something they don’t need because it gives them something to talk about the next time they are sitting with a friend at a coffee shop.  Fuel  docket savers; you want to save money, don’t spend money.  Spend $10,000 on junk and you earn a free flight then you have no idea where to go.

Junk is something you bought a few months ago and you wish you had never bought it. There are better ways to spend money.  To quote, John Will, ‘there are two things worth spending money on – good food and knowledge'.  I agree whole heartedly with this.  At least these things will not be something taking up what precious room left in the house and gathering dust, and you won’t be regretting it in 6 months time.

Good luck with Clean Australia Day.

Time to Get Rid of Rubbish

I’m talking about junk, the stuff that has been accumulating in your house for years.  Have a good look around and see if any of that stuff is worthwhile keeping anymore.  Ask yourself these questions:

1.     Did you forget you had it?

2.     Has it got dust on it?

3.     Did you trip over it?

4.     Is it worthless?

5.     Would you buy it again?

6.     Do you regret you ever bought it?

7.     Does anybody want it?

The answers to these questions should be able to make us realise 90% of the stuff we buy is junk!  We can’t help ourselves because we have made shopping an activity or even a hobby.  We shop because it makes us feel good and we buy things because we think we need  them.  They end up in a pile reducing the little precious room we may have left in our house.  Of course there is ebay if you want to get rid of things and you may end up with a smile selling your rubbish not realising you sold it for a fraction of what you actually paid for it.  And when you don't sell, it’s much worse when your friends don't even want them just giving them away.

My point – get to those seminars where you get value for your money.  I still spend money but I don't waste them on junk.  I know it's not rubbish I am paying for.  When you throw rubbish out you won't even miss it.

Shocking Experience

Everybody experiences a ‘wakeup call’ in some form or another at some stage of their life.  Although, it can be a shock to the system the outcome can be quite positive because this enables us to take action before it might ever happen again.  Wakeup calls are a warning to prepare, otherwise, be prepared to face the same consequences again.

Wakeup calls can be a catalyst for improvement in our martial arts training.  Our first tournament match can be a shock to anybody’s system but it is what we do after that to be able to handle the same situation again in a positive manner.  The same goes for that street encounter that might not go so well.  With the homework all done, the second and third time round, those situations don't turn to be as much of a shock.

In BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), there comes a time when you come up against an opponent who throws you in all sorts of disarray.  My attitude is ‘many thanks for that.  You have prompted me to do something about it.’  The lesson here, SHOCK, DISCOVER, LEARN & FIX. 

They say adrenaline is good for performance in these situations but too much of this medication will work have the opposite effect; besides you cannot control the right amount of dose for maximum performance but you can attain knowledge which can eliminate those shocking experiences.

So remember, if you are feeling down one day, you will feel that 'high' the next day when you take action and do something about it.  I hope I haven't shocked anybody.