The Showdown with Richard Norton

<b>Rob Naumoski, Richard Norton, George Adams, Stever Perceval</b><br>MMA Seminar 2008

Shihan Richard Norton flew into Sydney for a few seminars. It was great having him over here once again; we have the opportunity to train with the best Martial Artist on earth so I take every opportunity to train with him! On Thursday evening I hosted an MMA seminar at Belmore. On Friday training on Reality Based Street Self Defence, with another Instructor. On Friday evening Fari Salievski hosted a Kickboxing seminar at his Liverpool school On Saturday I hosted a BJJ seminar at West Pennant Hills.

You're wondering about the showdown? Richard has become very wary of me with all the training I have been doing lately. I said, "You are dreaming if you think I can beat you and I am dreaming if I think I can beat you." He said, "There is only one way to settle the score." The results? The pics speak for themselves:

I don't know why people would even ask how did I do. I said the only thing I could get out of him was the name of his favourite drink. I will be ready for you, next time, Mr Norton! (just kidding)

Xmas Party

 Sorry for submitting this a little late; we've had a busy week organising Richard Norton's seminars in Sydney. It was an excellent attendance this year and we all looked like one big happy family. This event is most important for everybody especially for the little ones. Every student was very special on this night and I congratulate everyone for attending.

George Dimos, Stephen Kozanitis, Anthony Matos

Brendan Allan, Matthew Missiakos, Jeremy Matchett, Siddharth Warrier

Chris Jones, George Boutros, Peter Asimakopoulos

Bronwyn Allan, Nicholas Dimos, Bessie Xi, Kaitlin Jones . Click for party photos.

Richard Norton in Real Life Cop Drama

 This incident comes to mind when Richard told me about his new project. He will be starring in a martial arts movie with Hollywood’s, Lance Henriksen (see pic) scheduled to commence shooting in early 2009 . This is a story about 2 Australian Cops in tons of ‘kick ass’ action (can’t say anymore, I have been sworn to secrecy). In mid February of this year I was with Richard and his lovely wife, Judy, on our way to Steve Perceval’s gym at Penrith for a seminar. On the motorway we noticed a crazy male driver. Cops don’t worry about these things off duty unless serious. I said if only Richard and Judy were not in the car. This guy was really getting out of control so I deputised Richard and told him I needed to get close enought to get a car rego so I can at least report this guy. This guy was travelling at high speeds, overtaking people in the breakdown lane, using no indicators, chopping and changing lanes dangerously etc (where are the cops when you need them). I made sure my passengers didn’t get too uncomfortable during the ordeal but this was a once in a lifetime chance for Richard and Judy to see ‘police in action’. Now that's what you call a 'method actor'. We got a little late to the seminar with Steve waiting with his hands on hips.

Just to finish off this story I eventually caught up with our buddy who turned out to be not a bad person (it's always the way when they get caught). He admitted being stupid and dangerous blaming it on pressure to do long work hours. He was dealt with accordingly and he was lucky enough to keep his licence. Richard can add that scene to his movie (lol).

Power of Volume Training

 We envy top athletes, including martial artists, and we wonder what it takes for them to get there. Many of us will have us believe that that we don’t have the ability. Thank goodness that is wrong because the power of volume training can help anyone do a whole lot better. What this means is not so much repetition training such as doing a punch and kick 1,000 times but reassessing as you go along; eg after 10 kicks, analyse to see what it takes to improve. Then do another 10 reps, and so on. Get it right first before you commit to 1,000 times. Most people will stop practicing a drill once they have finally put things together when this is the time they should be getting right into it. Actors, repeatedly go over their lines even though they may already know them. Practice what you have learnt; not just practice what you are trying to learn. That’s the correct way of volume training. Realistically, you are not going to achieve a 1,000 reps in one session (and you shouldn’t) but that is what it takes to get good at something in the long term.

When doing a combination, don’t worry too much about the result. Practice how to get there not what happens when you land that kick to the head or when you finish off that armbar. This is unnecessary because it wastes time, and you will not get much help from your opponent if you are causing them discomfort. It is more important to do the techniques leading to the result.

A good way of capturing of volume training is giving students a time limit (usually a minute) of how many reps the students can clock up. The difference is amazing once there is a bit of competition; no time wasted and students are on full alert. Always remember the power of volume training.

Fantastic Time with John Will

 I was at Steve Perceval’s school over the last weekend doing another BJJ seminar with John Will. I dragged the twins along with me and sacrificed them to Richard Sargeant (who was recently promoted to Brown Belt) who did some attitude adjusting (just kidding). It is really good just to see John again because I really enjoy, not only his BJJ, but his teaching skills. After that, John, Steve and I went to Rick Spain’s school in the city to do another seminar. I partnered off with Rick Spain who is well renowned and one of the most talented martial artists in Australia so it was good to ‘grab each other by the collar’. Surpise, surprise, John Will awarded him his Brown Belt (wasn’t Rick happy?). Rick Spain deserves it and he is a real gentleman. After that, John, Steve and I went to a Brazilian Restaurant in Leichhardt. John could not stop bragging about his wife’s cooking and Steve told him to not tell us anymore since he cannot offer any. I told John I am really blessed to be surrounded with people like himself, Richard Norton and Steve. John is really happy I am hooked up with Richard because he is the best martial artist in the world. Can’t wait for the next John Will seminar (next year). Next time, Portuguese cuisine!